Monday, May 17, 2010

Guitar Picks Custom-Made for Benjy Davis of Benjy Davis Project

One of my most FAVORITE bands EVER is Benjy Davis Project, from my home state of Louisiana. And you probably already know that I make handcrafted sterling silver guitar picks...they are probably my biggest seller on Etsy. So, I contacted lead singer and guitar genius, the adorable Benjy Davis, and asked if I could make and send him a personalized guitar pick. He said he'd be "honored" to have one of my picks, and since he was so sweet, I sent him two. Here they are:

Lost Souls Like Us is the name of their newest album...go check them out on Facebook or their website...and you can always look them up on iTunes! I promise you, every one of their albums it totally worth buying...and go out to one of their shows if you get a chance! This is the music that speaks to my soul and inspires my's what I listen to in my studio when I'm working. Go check 'em out!!!
PS-Mic Capdeville is the drummer for BDP and he is fabulous also...if I ever take up a new craft making drumsticks, I promise to send you some, Mic! lol!

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Angela said...

Very cool! I have not heard of them but now I will look them up for sure!