Friday, June 18, 2010's tooooo HOT!!!

Sometimes it just isn't much fun living in the during the steaming hot, humid summer when the heat index reaches, oh, about 104...and you have a farmer's market to attend!!!!!
Our 1st Clinton Olde Towne Market of the season was last Saturday and it was possibly the HOTTEST day of the Summer so far! Even in the shade with a tent and a fan, I don't think it was any better than sitting out in the sun! lol!

Although the shopping crowd was not as large as expected (some folks are smart enough to stay in the a/c!) it was a good day. There were about 70 vendors and some really great stuff! My 14 yr old son, Daley, helped me at my booth and tried to give away my jewelry to pretty girls (ha ha!) and my Mom and my little girl, Carrie Liz, came to visit me. I also made a trade with another vendor for some really cool flattened wine bottles, one of which is now the spoon rest on top of my stove. I met so many nice people and enjoyed myself, even though it was a relief to be done for the day and back in the cool indoors! :)